5 Tips for Dealing with Neighbor Noise


You have a noisy neighbor? Congrats! You’ve joined the positions of a not really tip top group of loft occupants that have existed subsequent to the beginning of semi-mutual living!

So here are a couple tips to get you through those not really quiet minutes in your condo, and hopefully reestablish some peace to your home.

Dampen the Sound on the Walls

One of the biggest complaints among condo leaseholders is having the capacity to hear the sound from the people you share your walls with. Numerous flats don’t have the best possible sound sealing frameworks set up, as soundproof sheet rock, to keep the commotion from making a trip starting with one loft then onto the next.

In any case, you’re not stuck between a rock and a hard place if your condo doesn’t have great soundproofing; you simply need to get innovative. You can hang sound-permeable boards on your walls to catch a portion of the sound coming from your neighbor.

Products like corkboards can be wrapped in fabric and tight the walls to retain sound. Many online retailers sell special sound-absorbent panels you can order as well. These panels will help dampen the sound coming from your apartment, but they’ll also help absorb sound coming from the walks they’re placed on as well.  Not only will these panels help cancel some of the sound, you can use them to decorate your walls as well. Plus, it’ll make your apartment conversations a little more private as well.

Neighbor Noise

Dampen the Sound on the Floors and Doors

Not all noisy neighbor sounds come straight through the walls.  If you have too much noise coming from the hallway you can help reduce it in several ways.

The first is neoprene seals that go around doorjambs edges. Indeed, even a little opening around an entryway can permit a great deal of sound to go through.If you’re landlord doesn’t mind you adding a couple of changes to the entryway, you can likewise introduce an entryway base that drops a neoprene shield between the outside of the condo and within to include an additional layer of sound security.

If sound is coming from your ceiling, there’s probably not a lot you can do unless you own the space and can make sound-absorbent modifications to the ceiling,  like adding a drop-ceiling or coating the ceiling in Green Glue.

In any case, if the commotion is originating from beneath including some substantial floor coverings will retain a portion of the sound. Regardless of the fact that you have covers as of now, including more thickness with some additional rugs will be superior to anything simply leaving the current rugs to do all the work.Neighbor Noise

Make a Little Noise of Your Own

If nothing from the written above is working, try to make a little noise of your own. Indeed, even loud sounds can easily be drowned out with a little background noise.  Turning on a bathroom fan or a box fan can be surprisingly effective in cancelling out conversations from the apartment next door. Or, take your noise-cancelling technique into the 21st Century and use a white noise app to drown out your neighbor.

During the day, a little music playing out of sight may give you the peace and calm you require. If those don’t do the trick, you can haul out and the serious canons and purchase a repetitive sound and put in the room where you require it the most.

Talk to Your Neighbor

Go talk to your neighbor. A lot of problems, including your noisy neighbor, can be solved with some good old-fashioned communication.

This doesn’t have to be a confrontational conversation. If your neighbor plays his music too loud or too late at night, tell him that it’s not the music that you don’t like, but how late he’s playing it.

Report It

This is obviously the last resort or maybe it’s your first resort depending on how you want to handle the situation. Reporting your noisy neighbor to your landlord could yield some positive results for you. If things really get out of hand, you may need to call the police to get your neighbors to quiet down. You may not want to do this unless things are really bad though.

Keep in mind that if you’ve exaggerated your noise complaint to the police, they come knocking back at your door and tell you not to call again. If all of these suggestions fail, it may be time to look for a different apartment or a new building. Good luck!