The Best Fall Photography Ideas


1. Pumpkin Patch

Few photographic opportunities are as rich as a trip to the pumpkin patch.

Photography Ideas

With such a variety of signs of autumn, there are excessively numerous incredible chances to take terrific photographs: your little guy or lady lugging a large pumpkin; ruddy cheeks warming up with apple juice; sitting on Grandpa’s shoulders to achieve the ideal apple; emerging victorious from the corn maze; skipping along on the hay ride; sitting on an antiquated tractor; nodding off in the auto grasping an ear of Indian corn; the rundown goes on.

2. Back to School

Photography Ideas


The first day of a new school year can be chaotic, however these milestone moments are also the ones that you’ll cherish years down the road.Ensure the camera is stacked with new batteries the previous night and that it’s sitting tight in an convenient place for those morning photos.

In addition to the standard bus stop pics, capture some of the preparation: the first-day outfit laid out on the bed, kids fighting over the mirror for a last-minute hair check or hands criss-crossing the table during the breakfast rush.

3. Harvest Moon

Photography Ideas

You don’t have to be an astronomer to capture the most famous full moon of the year, but it helps to have a calendar. The Harvest Moon is the full moon that appears closest to the autumnal equinox, which falls on or around Sept. 22 each year. The Harvest Moon gets its name because it rises so close to sunset, extending “daylight” for busy farmers.

All rising moons appear larger when they’re closest to the horizon. While the moon illusion loses some of its impact on film, the Harvest Moon makes up for it with a dash of color. Because the moon rise overlaps slightly with the sunset, the moon reflects some of the waning purple or pink light with dazzling effect.

4. Time Lapse Foliage

Photography Ideas

Photograph the drama of the changing leaves with a progression of photographs that catches a single tree at various stages. The strategy of time-slip photography is especially viable at accelerating vaguely moderate procedures like the blossoming of a bloom or the unpretentious redden of fall foliage. How you choose the method relies on upon the advancement of your photograph equipment and the time you need to focus on the task.

The most simple type of time-lapse is to take three or four photographs of the same tree in the meantime of day in comparable lighting and casing the photographs in an series. To make this work, position yourself on a spot that is anything but difficult to discover once more, similar to a tree stump or a large rock.

5. Jack-o’-lanterns

Photography Ideas

Lit from within by a flickering candle, the eerie orange glow of the jack-o’-lantern is one of the oldest and favorite Halloween traditions. Whether it’s a simple gnarled smile or an elaborate recreation of the shower scene from “Psycho,” jack-o’-lanterns never fail to catch the eye and the camera lens. But just like other Halloween photos, jack-o’-lantern pics are often doomed from the start.

Most importantly, the entire visual appeal of the jack-o’- lamp is its supernatural inner glow. The best way to get the full impact of that glow is to photo the subject around evening time. The exact opposite thing you need to do is activate the flash, which ruins the entire thought of internal lighting. Yet, in the event that you don’t use the flash, you’re likely to wind up with a blurry shot.

First, load up the jack-o’-lantern with several candles, not just a single flicker. The more light you can generate from within the pumpkin, the sharper your photo will be. Next, you have to use a tripod. When shooting in low light, there’s no other way to get clear results. Lastly, don’t shoot when it’s fully dark outside. Try to capture that late dusk light where just enough of the skin will be visible to give the shot some depth.