You Can Now Stay In A Hotel With No Walls Or Roof


This “Zero Star” hotel is offering a totally outdoor experience in the Swiss Alps.

Null Stern hotels has created a new open-air “concept hotel” in the Swiss Alps.

The “room” has no walls or roof, but is rather comprised of a flashy double bed and two nightstands.

Artists Frank and Patrik Riklin and their business partner, Daniel Charbonnier, created the installation-cross-accommodation piece to accentuate the idea that the guest is a vital part of the holiday experience – not the hotels.


“The brand name ‘Null Stern – the only star is you’ encapsulates our concept,” Daniel explained to Gourmet Traveller. “The star is not the hotel but the guest, and his or her experience.”

In fact, Null Stern translates from German to English as “Zero Stars”.

According to the concept, the “owner” of the hotel is the region in which it is located, therefore guests to the hotel will be taken care of by locals who live nearby, named “modern butlers”.


This kind of experience will set you back $340 or 250 Swiss Franc.

While there is currently only one bed which is located in Teufen, Null Stern plan to open similar concept rooms across Switzerland.

What do you think? Would you stay in this kind of room?