Get Lunch From a London Telephone Box


Britain is dishing up a great new food experience, by transforming their unused telephone boxes into food and drink kiosks. What do you think? Would you buy lunch from a telephone box?

The innovative project by the Red Kiosk Company will preserve the iconic appearance of the red phone telephone box, but make better use of the space inside.

“Our aim is redefine the usage to suit modern day needs and requirements without compromising their external appearance,” co-creator Eddie Ottewell explains on the company’s website.

telephone box

The franchise is open to food and drink vendors looking for an exciting way to dish up lunch to the hungry masses.

Some savvy business men and women are using the phone booths to sell ice cream, coffee, waffles and even merchandise.

One of the latest vendors is London-based small business, Spier’s Salads. Owner, Ben Spier, serves up fresh salads every lunch from £4.25 (AUD $7.50).

telephone box

The phone boxes are available to franchise for less than £10 (AUD $18) per day, in various locations across the United Kingdom.

The Red Kiosk Company also donates 10 per cent of proceeds to charity projects.

So what do you think about this project? Would you be up to buying your lung from a red telephone box?