To Live is to Learn. Live Life and NEVER stop Learning


Life is one of those amazing gifts. Although you know in many ways it could end in a split second, humans tend to chose to not dwell on that well known fact but rather live to create a life worth living.

Historically, human can be seen to live to eat, sleep, and procreate. Although that may be more or less true to date as the prevalence of sex is more so intended than the act of procreation, there are many basic concepts that people tend to forget which I feel is the core of humanity and that is the concept of learning.

Live Life

Evidently, with all the changes that has happened throughout history, there is one thing that remains clear: People always have continued to learn.

It might be a stretch to say that the route of poverty and indifference may be attributed to a lack of education, but if both sides of those who are born into wealth and those who were born into poverty could imagine and were educated on how easily they could get from one side of the spectrum to the other then the outcomes of each individuals actions may perhaps be altered in some shape or form. More resources funded to help the poor, and more off the poor escaping poverty and becoming financially independent.

Live Life

The secret to happiness is truly autonomy. If a person choose to be poor for example a student, with a fully well studied and detailed plan of how they are going to escape poverty, and spends the next 5 years making less than 10k per year to spending the subsequent 5 years making 50k per year. Then being poor isn’t such a bad thing.

Versus an individual that does not have autonomy on their situation. In which a person may choose a lifestyle that costs 15K per year, and only make 10K per year and feels like they have no way to improve their situation and collects 50K worth of debt over 10 years. Then being poor can be a really bad thing.

Live Life

Although both examples may not necessarily be comparable, the purpose of the post is that poverty can more or less be a choice. Although circumstances may put you in a situation where you may be afflicted with homelessness or are borderline, you can choose to be the person that sees a 50k debt as a bad thing or become a person that make 50K per year as a good thing.

The only difference between the first situation and the 2nd was that a person that chooses to be poor doesn’t choose to be poor for long so they learn what they have to do, who they have to meet, where they need to apply, what else they have to learn, how they can improve their situation, who can they ask to help them, such that they choose who they want to become and do what they want to do.

Live Life

Versus the 2nd person, if you don’t realize within the first missed bill payment that your lifestyle does not match your income, you can do one of 2 things: downsize, or change yourself and your situation to match your lifestyle. Most people in this situation loose their autonomy or freedom of choice to creditors, but if you decide to change that is your choice, in which you can choose not to be poor for long and follow the step of the person in the first scenario to match outcomes.

However, although money can be a driving factor that shouldn’t be the essence of escaping poverty. But rather, those that have experience poverty should try and help prevent those that are at risk from experiencing poverty, and help those currently experience poverty.

For instance, you can be a drug dealer make a lot of money that may force those addicted into poverty. Or you could become the next Elon Musk and build a team with all the people you loved in cared for while you were homeless and show them the world from outer space, not only would you create jobs for all those homeless people, your company and business would be working to put people through school teaching them they need to learn change and create a better world.

Live Life

That will also remind them that it is not 1 person that changes the world but a team of people that can make that change, and they can be this positive change, and change their life as long as they want to.

Someone once said “We all have the same 24 hours in a day” and to save time this is why we have teachers and mentors they teach us the short cuts in life. If you want to be the next Elon Musk learn from Elon Musk or try and learn from the people that taught him.  The only currency is time, and take your 24 hours to learn to love yourself and know you are better than minimum wage if you want to be.  In life we learn, and learning how you want to live your life and contribute to creating a better world should be your goal. From the simple tasks of improving the workflow at work, to suggesting to your manager its a better use of time to point to the menu than reading it out loud, every change counts and teach those that know less than you that learning is important, even if they are ten times smarter than you, you never know who the next Steve Jobs will be and how much they will thank you for being their teacher, mentor, or friend.

Live Life and NEVER stop learning.