See How This Machine Will Fold Your Laundry So You Don’t Have To


Ladies don`t worry, your worst nightmare is over. Now you have a new mate, FoldiMate is here to help you. Laundry is just one of those things that has to be done.

It’s time consuming and rather boring but necessary none the less. FoldiMate, is a clothing folding machine that is trying to make laundry a little less time consuming and a little more exciting.

laundryDesigned to sit next to your washer and dryer, once your clothes come out of the dryer, simply hang them on the FoldiMate and let it do it’s thing.

The process begins with “feeding” the machine your clothes.

Hang shirts and pants using the Easy Clipping technology and watch as the machine eats up your clothes.

Once inside the machine, a robot takes over and folds your clothes perfectly every time.


Now you might be thinking, “I can fold my own clothes thank you very much,” but let me ask you, can you steam, soften and sterilize your clothes at the same time? I didn’t think so.

The FoldiMate also means less ironing for you because an optional steam can remove wrinkles from your clothes as it folds.


As each item passes through the machine, it can be treated with perfume, softener, and sterilizer – things you didn’t even know you wanted!

Although it isn’t available for pre-order until 2017, at least now you’ll have something else to daydream about while you’re folding that pile of laundry.

Take a look what FoldiMate can do while you enjoy with your family!