HOW SHOULD A SUIT FIT? Every Man Must Watch This Video!


What a “Good Fit” Looks Like


These fit rules are for every single guy, no matter your age or body type. The older clients say, “I don’t want to look like an older guy trying to look young and hip in a suit.” and younger clients say, “I don’t want to look like some old stuffy guy in a suit.”  We always reassure them that we would never fit them to look younger or older than they are.

When you try on a suit, you’re looking for a good fit in what’s called your “natural stance.”

That means standing up straight, preferably in the kind of dress shoes you’ll be wearing with your suits, with your arms relaxed at your side.

It’s not actually a very natural posture for a lot of us, but it is the base from which most of our movement flows. If the suit doesn’t fit well in this stance, it’s not going to move comfortably with your body either.

Practice standing in that relaxed, upright pose, and then start trying on suits in that posture. Look for a good fit in the following areas when you’re in your natural stance.

Watch This Video And You Will Learn How To Find Good Fit For You